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Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) and Positive Self Management Program (PSMP) Living Well with HIV/AIDS

PSMP Overview

The Positive Self-Management Program is a workshop for people with HIV given two and a half hours, once a week, for seven weeks, in community settings such as senior centers, churches, libraries and hospitals. Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, one or both of whom are non-health professionals with HIV. The PSMP is available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Subjects covered include: 1) how to best integrate medication regimens into daily life so they can be taken consistently, 2) techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fear, fatigue, pain and isolation, 3) appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance, 4) communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals, 5) nutrition, 6) evaluating symtoms, 7) advanced directives, and 8) how to evaluate new or alternative treatments.

Each participant in the workshop may also receive a copy of the companion book, Living Well With HIV and AIDS, 3rd Edition, and an audio relaxation tape, Time for Healing.*

It is the process in which the program is taught that makes it effective. Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants' confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives.

*Living Well With HIV and AIDS (3rd edition) by Gifford, Lorig, Laurent, and González (2005) can be ordered from Bull Publishing.

Workshop Facilitators:

Father Joseph I. O’Brien, O.P.
Executive Director Saint Therese Center HIV Outreach

David (Person Living with AIDS)
Assistant to the Director Saint Therese Center HIV Outreach

Program Workshop Site:

Saint Therese Center HIV Outreach Executive Office
215 Palo Verde Henderson Nevada
(Palo Verde & Boulder Highway Near Basic High School)

Next Available PSMP—Living Well with HIV/AIDS

Tuesdays from July 9th thru August 20th

Schedule each Tuesday:

9:00 AM: Breakfast (optional)
9:30 AM: Workshop begins
12:00 Noon: Workshop ends and lunch


Class minimum 10 participants, maximum 20.

Call 564-4224. Register with Brother Frederick, O.P. for class.

Comments on the last PSMP Class:

“There are few seminars or classes that one will attend in which information taught will stick with you and generate a lifetime of reflection for lessons learned. The Positive Self-Management Program as it relates to HIV is one of those classes. The information from the book: “Living Well With HIV/AIDS” paired with the numerous charts and examples taught by Father Joseph and his assistant David via the instructional text from Stanford helped lay the foundation for successful self-management. To better the experience, knowing that the environment provided was judgment free and my peers were facing similar struggles proved to be instrumental in my success of the course.

Living with a chronic illness, there are certain responsibilities and actions that one inherits, often by no choice of ones self. With this, often comes insurmountable stress, frustration and anxiety which only exacerbates an already dire situation. Bring recently diagnosed, these are difficult emotions which I am all to familiar with and often feel like I am alone and afraid on my journey. That is until I attended this seven week program! During our brainstorming sessions and problem solving techniques it was inspiring to hear others voice my same concerns and although I may not have spoken up, a sense of calmness and clarity would wash over me. Even more inspiring were the words of wisdom provided from long term survivors and Father Joseph, who although does not have the disease, has an infinite amount of knowledge and experience to which he can pull from and relate to any topic of discussion.

I realize that this journey was one that thousands have traveled before me and just as I looked up to those who have started this journey many years before; I only hope that I too can provide some comfort and inspiration to those who are beginning their journey which should include attending the Positive Self-Management Program. Whether newly diagnosed or someone looking for a fresh perspective on their chronic condition I hope that they too have this great opportunity in which I was blessed to attend.”

News Release May 2013: Workshop teaches patients with chronic disease to maximize their abilities through self care.

Last year, Dignity Health hospitals invested $2 million in evidence-based, chronic disease self-management programs that served more than 13,000 people. Dignity Health followed up with program participants after three months and after six months, learning that only 5 percent of the participants had required hospital or emergency room services after their workshops ended.

“Thank you very much for the opportunity that you provided. We have learned so much about HIV, but more important that we have learned a lot about ourselves during this seven week course. Being newly diagnosed we feel you have prepared us for success and provided us with the tools to be confident and healthy with HIV and life in general. It is so comforting to know all the resources available through shared experiences, how to deal with situations better and the support provided by all of our new friends we have made.”

Other Comments on CDSMP Class:

“It was a great benefit to take the Chronic Disease Self Management Program workshop. I found it helpful to refresh all of the information and interact with the group. It was beneficial to hear all of the helpful information from the class leaders as well as exchanging ideas with the group. It really reminded me that management of my health really does require a great deal of my own involvement in my own healthcare. There is so much more that I would like to say about how greatful I am for this experience, but in short, thank you so much!”

“Thank you for your time you have given to the program. It is wonderful to have people like you that make this world a better place. Caring about others and time you spend is what I admire the most. It has been an honor to have participated in the group. Getting to know you and others in the group has made my life richer. Thank you again for all you do.”

“The Living Healthy Class is a very informative class. What I got out of the class is healthy eating, exercising, sex and intimacy. The teachers, Father Joseph and David are very good teachers, exampling the topics in details and in depth.”

“Being a person with Hemophilia it was a little different for me. All of my classmates have a “Chronic Illness” but my illness is very different from the others. Yes I am a hemophiliac and also having HIV, am currently on medications, because what other classmates go through with medication I do not. For example the cost in medication. HIV medication can cost up to six to seven hundred dollars, but on the other hand “Factor VIII medication can cost up to Forty Thousand dollars a box! I need to keep two boxes on hand at all times. Also the Doctors, my classmates are really having a hard time with their doctors – Seems that everyone goes to the same doctors and they have the same problems with them, in which a change really has to happen fast. While I on the other hand have been with my doctor for over ten years – It comes down to good communications with your doctor. This was a very good class.”

“I actually learned and enjoyed my six weeks attending chronic disease self management workshop. I always refer to my new booklet “Living a Healthy Life with chronic conditions” and will continue to use my book. I have been putting my action plans into action. I am more aware of my daily routine and eating habits. I am more informed, thinking positively about my future living with my illness. Again, I do appreciate the two teachers Father Joseph and David, very well informed leaders.”

“Thank you to Father Joseph and David for teaching the CDSMP class. The one thing I found most useful is how to relax and use some of the tips to relax that I will remember from this class. We all need to be aware of how to take care of ourselves. I am a diabetic and living with HIV and have not always made the right choices, but I feel I’ve learned how to better manage and be reminded to make the right choices in my life. I believe that using my mind and body together will make it easier to continue to live a better health and lifestyle.”

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